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Leucoderma is a skin condition which spoils human beauty. White patches on skin look very ugly. 1% percent of the world's population has been suffering from it. More than half of all patients complain about white patches before the age of twenty. In one third of all cases the disease transmits to other family members. People with such condition look apparently healthy but they are prone to catch following diseases: Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, severe lack of vitamin 12B(which cause serious blood shortage) Addison's disease (underperformance of adrenal gland), hair fall and eye's inflammation.

By: Dr (Hakeem) Aslam Javed

Here comes a question that why and how such white patches appear on the body. Starting of white patches and the rapidity of loss of Melanin pigments varies in different diseases. Light coloured people generally complain about depigmentation of skin in summer season whereas dark skinned people may catch depigmentation any time. People with severe Leucoderma may lose hundred percent Melanin pigments and skin completely loses its characteristic colour. No prediction can be made about any patient that how much Melanin pigments he will lose and to what extent his body will go white. Likewise, it is impossible to guess that how much any other disease or pressure will affect the Melanin loss. Ratio of Melanin loss varies from one place to other. There may be a dark-coloured circle around white patches.

Leucoderma sometime suddenly stops after its rapid spread and then for a long time patches do not appear. Later on lost natural colour can be regained also. When the patient is free from physical stress and the sense of victimhood (or colour goes on fading on account of unknown reasons), time span may go long between losing or not losing colour. During these spans some patient believe that they have recovered but the truth is that Melanin pigments have temporarily lost. Patient believes that he is healthy while he is not.

Patients, whose whole body has gone white with Leucoderma, do not look like Albinos; because the colour of hair does not change or they can be coloured otherwise. Colour of eyes also does not alters.


To be clarified, that no treatment to this unique skin disease is final and satisfactory. In other words it is incurable. The nowadays available treatment can be started on two different bas

Repigmentation therapy is conducted in a hospital under any dermatologist. Having been applied a medicine; the patient is given exposure to ultraviolet-A rays which activate the medicine and help the cells close to outer layer of skin get Melanin colour. By which the skin colour normalizes and Lwhite patches starts fading. Effects of this treatment vary in different patients and different parts of body. Treatment schedule too varies patient to patient. Treatment is delayed, in case weather is cloudy and sunrays are not available; because without sunrays treatment is not possible. In winter generally treatment is delayed, perhaps because such patients need some respite as they get tired of continuous treatment. Ultraviolet-A rays can be used in artificial manner too, but firstly patient need to consult the specialist,as in this type of treatment a specialist is required at every step.

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