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Remedy for Ayurvedic Weight Gain

Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss

Unani, the ancient Indian system of treatment, works on the perception that materials that can be extracted from vegetables, animals, and minerals have some medicinal value. This perception and the details of the treatment process have been well documented in ancient texts.

According to Unani texts, an obese person is among the most vulnerable among the eight types of disease-prone bodies. The obese are more likely to develop heart disease, orthopedic problems, high blood pressure, diabetes and gall bladder conditions as compared to an average weight individual. Controlling weight using the Unani method involves weight loss solutions that depend on natural weight loss. The natural process requires strict adherence to a regulated diet. A typical diet recommended for obese individuals would mean eating frugal meals alternating with liquids. A typical diet would consist of the following:

For Westerners, a diet that does not include meat may be a bit out of the ordinary, but obesity is a condition that requires hard decisions and sacrifices. Unani has weight loss medications that are mostly prepared using these herbs:

These herbs can also be used as home remedies for herbal weight loss. You will need to borrow the preparation techniques from the ancient texts.

HIV/AIDS Treatment in Herbal

(A, B, C, D, E)

The HOO-IMM PLUS (A, B, C, D, E) is an absolutely new, novel, pioneering and revolutionary concept from Unani Herbal to medical science. It is a very safe, efficacious Indian medicine for the relief of AIDS according to the degree & stage of affliction.

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