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Only Unanipathy and Ayurveda provides complete treatment for Kidneys Failure

Life indeed is a continuous chemical process in our body. Each chemical process results into releasing chemical fluids hazardous for bodily health. Kidneys excrete such unnecessary and toxic chemicals from the body, besides; they maintain water balance in body and secrete a variety of hormones; one of them for producing blood and another one to strengthen bones and absorb calcium.

Functions of Kidneys

Kidneys play a crucial role in the well-being of human life. Heart, lungs, liver and kidneys are four internal organs which cost life, in case any of them fails completely. Brain is quite significant in itself, but a long life is possible even after its complete breakdown, although such life will be more like botanical life. Kidneys in human body are located at both sides of spine just under the rib cage. Their size is equal to a fist. Two blood vessels which branch off from the abdominal aorta, the major artery, supply blood to kidneys. Inside the kidneys these two vessels develop branches into branches until they become hair-like and further division makes them invisible without telescope. At this stage these hair-like veins form a bunch covered in a bowl-like capsule. When blood, the mixture of solid atoms and water-like liquid, passes through theses hair-like veins with a pressure, the liquid gets strained off the solid atoms and gathers in the bowls containing veins. Having undergone various stages, strained liquid in thousands of such bowls, transforms into urine. Urine receptor tiny tubes connect into each other and gradually form a ureter from kidneys to bladder.

Consequences of kidneys damage

When kidneys stop functioning properly, toxic chemicals in our body increase. The patient may be fainted to death due to heightened level of toxicity in blood, if these chemicals are not excreted in time. Though there are a variety of chemicals, for common understanding it is suffice to know that doctors check the chemical increase through the level of urea in blood. Urea is derivative of urine. The health disorder caused by kidneys failure is called urea-poisoning. Kidneys maintain the level of various chemicals in our body which in normal condition are a part of the blood, but after they fail these chemicals increase to such an extent which threatens life. One of these chemicals is potassium. If potassium exceeds a certain level, it poses a threat to life. Therefore kidney patients are advised to strictly avoid potassium rich edibles like tomato or sweet lemon. Kidneys control the acid in our body; therefore kidney-damage increases acidity in blood. Kidneys keep body normal by excreting water from body in form of urine and when they stop working, water gathers in lungs, stomach and in heart cover causing swelling in body.

Causes of kidney damage

Diabetes which adversely affects each part of body is the major cause of kidney damage solely because it destroys the hair-like tubules which constitute the major part in the organ and kidney-function totally depends on them. That is why most of the diabetics suffer kidney damage approximately seventeen years after they have caught diabetes. It is imperative for diabetics to take precautionary measures as to avoid the adverse effects of diabetes on kidneys.

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