Basic Fundamental
Unani pathy is a science which deals with health and disease. Today India is one of the leading countries so far as its practices concerned. It has the largest number of Unani educational, research and healthcare institutions.
According to Unani pathy the human body is considered to be composed of seven natural components which are as follows:
These all are known as al umoor-al- tabiyah (six essential requisites) and are the main factors that are responsible for the existence of the human body and are also considered to be responsible for the maintenance of health.
In Tibb much emphasis has been made for the prevention of health, and you know that prevention is better than cure. Hence, the following Essential factors (asbab Sitta zaruriyah) are also taken in consideration.
  • Atmospheric Air (Al Hawa' al muhit)
  • Food & Drinks (Al Makul wa'mashroob)
  • Physical or Bodily Movement & Response (Al Harakat wa'l-sukun al-badaniyah)
  • Mental or Psychic Movement or Response ( Al- Harakat wa'l sukun al nafsaniyan)
  • Sleep & Wakefullness ( Al- naum wa'l yaqzah)
  • Evacuation & Retention (Al-Istifaragh wa'l ehitibas)

Non-Essential Factors Some factors influence to those only who come across them and therefore considered non-essential (like habit, habitat, profession, sex, temperament and other social factors, cosmic terrestrial influences and other influential factors which are against the nature of the body etc.) These are not essential to every body and are as number:
  • Geographical Conditions of the Country & Town and other related matters
  • Residential Conditions and related matters
  • Occupation and related matters
  • Habits and related matters
  • Sex and related matter
  • Any other factor antagonistic to nature and bodily health
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